As one of North America’s largest propane suppliers, Superior Propane identified the need to address its customer experience by providing an exceptional set of tools customized for each major customer segment: residential customers, SMB’s, and Enterprise customers.




Digital Transformation


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Focus on the customer tasks

A suite of products for each segment that uniquely addresses common tasks that were previously only addressed by contacting the call center or simple form submissions with the aim of reducing call volumes and inefficiencies of email.

A cross-discipline team of UX architects, business analysts, and systems engineers worked closely with Superior Propane as well a subset of customers to collect feedback on pain points and efficiency opportunities to deliver:

  • Self-serve channel allows customers to do business with Superior at their own convenience.
  • Enterprise tools allow for larger commercial customers to streamline delivery and payment logistics with authorizations and a digital paper trail for audits.
  • Real time reporting on tank health, consumption, and other metrics.

“Offering our customers a suite of self-serve options as part of our digital toolbox goes hand-in-hand with our mission to differentiate and add value to our product offering. Customers can easily and securely manage all their propane needs, giving them full control and more importantly saving them time.”

Maurizio Laudisa, VP of Informations Services
Superior Propane



point increase in NPS

Over 80%

customer adoption

Over $5m

in annual operational savings

/suite of products

A suite of products to fit each customer segment with full integration into the business CRM, ERP, and CMS delivers customer critical information in real time and through a digital only channel.